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     In 1974, Councilman Phillip Yannella received a grant from Temple University to do an architectural research of Lumberton. Students from Temple crawled and poked and prodded around the older homes in town. With the information collected, it was decided we needed to form a Historical Society.

The first Society meeting was held in the fall of 1974, The first officers were: Margaret Thatcher, President; John Priest, Vice President; Carol Yannella, Secretary; Maryetta Brennan, Treasurer.

Forty years later we are still meeting in the Gaun Community Center (Old Town Hall) and our mission is the same, to spread the word about our town's history and to preserve it for future generations. Throughout these years we have organized and developed many programs and functions with Lumberton's history being our top priority.

We maintain an extensive museum that is open to the public with artifacts from Lumberton's past this museum is located in the Gaun Community Center,(Old Town Hall),602 Main Street, We have the resources to provide new homeowners with histories of their homes. Our Society organizes Historical Walks for school children and adults to share the unique history of our town.

Our fundraising through a variety of events such as the Mother's Day Flower Sale, Community Yard Sale, Classic Car Show, Holiday House Tours help support our efforts to continue to keep Lumberton's history alive and available for generations to come It helps us with the maintenance and restoration of the "Old Town Hall" which we are keeping open and available for residents of our town to use as a Community Center.

New members and volunteers are welcome. Please join us.